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What is the difference between regular tint and henna tint?

So! Regular tint (which is under ‘HC Brow’ for my business) is your fail safe tint. It’s been around for decades and everyone is familiar with it.

You get more of a block colour when you use regular tint, and there are varied shades but you are quite limited with them. You can make the brows quite ‘powerful’ with the tint too if that’s a look you’d like.

Regular tint lasts around 2-3 weeks on the skin on average and around the same on hair too.

Henna tint is completely natural and has warm, earthy shades. You tend to find you have a larger variety of shades to pick from and mix together too. You get a softer, more powdery look and so the henna tint does tend to be favoured by the majority of my client base.

I’d say it lasts 2-4 weeks on the skin. However, if you have fair hair then you should notice the henna lasting much longer and keeping the hairs dyed and darker long past from when the tint has faded from the skin.

They are both great tints but give different results, so it just depends on the look you‘d like to achieve.

The first few times getting your brows done will be all about experimenting until we find what you love. We can try a multitude of different mixes and durations that the tint is left on for. I record all of this for you so we can refer back to it at your next appointment and change it up slightly accordingly if needs be.

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