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Waxing whilst pregnant. Yes or no?

This is another common one for me, and the answer is yes!

I do many a pre birth wax in fact!

I’ve had feedback both from new mums and midwives, and both have said how much easier it makes everything. (Mostly the clean up, and for the mums it gave them a little boost).

Just like when we’re newly waxed and come on our periods, don’t we feel so much better and a little more hygienic and therefore more confident? It’s a similar thing here.

As hormones are rife throughout pregnancy however, it can make the wax a little more sensitive. Some of my ladies have noticed it, some haven’t. It just depends on your individual pain threshold. Not once has anyone had to stop a wax early though. :-)

The trickiest part is timing it! These cheeky little monkeys always like to keep us on our toes don’t they?! I advise going as close to your due date as possible. This is because, if you managed to get a few regular waxes in at least a few months before, the hair should still be sparse IF your baby wants to come early. And, if they’re on time then hey, bingo! And the same goes for if they’re late, around 2 weeks post wax the hair should still be minimal.

I am yet to have sent anyone into labour from waxing, I have single handedly delivered 22 puppies into the world though should the moment arrive! Lol.xo

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