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Can I still get waxed whilst on my period?

This is a really common one that I get, and the answer is, yes!

As our hormones are rife when we are menstruating, waxes can be a little more sensitive either during your period, or a few days pre or post. It can be a good idea to track your cycle so you know when to plan your waxes at least a week either side of your period. However mother nature doesn’t always like to be on time, and so it isn’t necessary to cancel your treatment if it turns out it‘s during your menstruation.

You could always take some pain relief up to 30 minutes before your treatment to help make it a little more comfortable (period or no period!).

It is preferred that a tampax is worn, but you must ensure the string is completely tucked away to avoid it being caught up in the wax. Alternatively you could insert a moon cup.

In short though, there’s no need to have to cancel your appointments should it turn out you come on.

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