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About Harriet

Beauty experience

After qualifying in level 2 & 3 Beauty Therapy at Highbury College in 2013 I went straight into a local salon in Southsea where I worked until December 2016. It was then that I decided to start up my own beauty business from home focusing on what I love most - waxing, eye treatments. I excel in these treatments and I also thoroughly enjoy them, thus selecting these to offer to you at Harriet Charter Beauty.

In 2018 I wanted to start to take a more clinical route so I now also offer the Plasma Pen treatment and SPMU Brows. These are two of many clinical treatments that I wanted to add to my menu so keep your eyes peeled for more being available over 2020!

Did you know?

That I was featured in The Portsmouth News in February 2019?

Read the article by clicking here!

And! That I was also featured on Highbury College's website?

Click here to view!

I have chosen only the best products and equipment in the industry
for all of 
my treatments to give you the best experience and results

Vegan Friendly Beauty Salon

Why vegan and cruelty free?

I have chosen to make the salon 100% vegan and cruelty free so that everyone can have peace of mind when visiting knowing that all the products used on you are not only kind to your skin, but animals too.

You do not have to be vegan to visit! No matter what diet you choose to follow everyone is welcome, and I wanted people to feel that when visiting here you are doing your own little bit for the planet by selecting my salon.

No veganism or cruelty free is spoken of, unless brought up by yourself. I want the space to be a positive one and the most important thing for me is for you to feel comfortable when receiving your treatments.

I absolutely love all animals and so for me it was plain to see that once I started my own salon it would be one that used products that I agree with.


I could not deliver treatments to you knowing that an animal had come to harm in order for me to do so.


I am sure there are some bunnies out there rocking some lashes and a bright red lip, however I also feel that in this day and age we have the technology to experiment by other means; hence the products that I use today.

Outside of my working hours I enjoy spending time with my animals - my two cats, my two guinea pigs and my three girls (two of which can be seen with me here!). I train all of my girls in agility - although not quite to the Crufts standard yet!

I'm always off out to the countryside on long walks and I've recently purchased a bike which I'm absolutely loving heading out on and taking my girls in tow.

I much prefer to get out and do things, although I'm a sucker for Harry Potter if that happens to be on TV.

Southsea Beauty Salon
Southsea Beauty Salon
Southsea Beauty Salon
Southsea Beauty Salon

I was lucky enough to see Prince live in Amsterdam which was incredible and a memory I shall treasure forever.


I've been to see The Who a few times whom I adore and I have also been to an intimate broadway show to see Bruce Springsteen perform. Sometimes I cry about George Michael.


But my guilty pleasure as you can see is Britney I'm afraid. This is lil' ol' me back in 2011 meeting her before a show.


And obviously I just had to make THE best t-shirt when I saw her perform in 2018.

Introducing myself

This video was shot in March 2020.

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