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Frequently Asked Questions


Where are you based?

Working by appointment only at home in Londesborough Road, Central Southsea. Close to public transport. Upon booking your appointment online the house number shall be sent in a booking confirmation email. Bus Routes: Number 15 stops at Jessie Road which is just off Londesborough, Number 18 stops on the nearby Fawcett Road, or number 2 or 19 stop on the infamous Albert Road, a 5 minute walk. The nearest train station is Fratton which is roughly a 15 minute walk.

Is there parking?

Yes, street parking is available most hours of the day. We are permit only between the hours of 5-7pm however permits are available to purchase at the cost of £1.50. Alternatively there's parking at supermarket car parks near by.

Are there toilet facilities?

Yes, joined onto the back of my beauty room is a shower room with a toilet. You are welcome to use it, and there are complimentary toiletries in there especially for you to use if you should like to freshen up after traveling to me.

Do you accept card payments?

Yes! Cash & card payments are accepted here.

Are your pets roaming free?

No, I shut my dogs away as I understand not everyone would like to meet them. My cats are sometimes wandering around but they keep themselves to themselves. No animals are allowed in the beauty room, so allergy sufferers don't have any issues when with me having treatments.

Are you mobile?

No, all treatments are done at my home beauty room. However, if you have a special event then please contact me to see if I'm available as I can travel for bridal parties, birthday parties etc.

What are your treatment prices?

For my beauty treatments, all prices can be found by clicking here. For my plasma pen prices, all details can be found by clicking here.

What do I do if I'm running late?

You may either miss you slot, or your treatment time may be shortened. I work on time limits with specific appointment slots. Usually 5 minutes late isn't a problem as I try to allow some 'wiggle room' with appointments however I am very busy and often working with clients back to back so I have to consider this too. If you miss your appointment then my policies will apply which can be found here.

What time should I arrive for my appointment?

I run a very organised and quite strict diary, clients are often booked back to back so you can imagine lateness can have a knock on effect to every single appointment through out the day if anyone is late. I appreciate people arriving prompt to their appointment time, it will start at the specified time; never earlier or later. As polite as being early may be, unfortunately I am appointment only therefore I do not have an open door so I can't accommodate this as there isn't space to wait in my home. I appreciate the gesture but please don't be more than 5 minutes early to your appointment.

Do you sell vouchers?

Yes! They can be purchased online through my website! Simply head to the 'Vouchers' section on the menu. Or, if you'd like one in paper form you can enquire when here with me at your appointment, or you can secure one ahead of your visit and contact me at info@harrietcharterbeauty.com.

What's your favourite treatment to do?

I absolutely love doing them all! I used to do every aspect of beauty but since working for myself I have narrowed it down to what I genuinely love. If you were forcing an answer out of me though, it would have to be waxing!

Is there a minimum age to visit you for treatments?

Yes, you have to be over 18 years of age for all treatments.


How do I prep for my wax?

All prep for waxing can be found by clicking here.

What is the difference between hot wax & strip wax?

Hot wax is spread thickly onto the skin and allowed to set slightly before it's removed quickly without any strips. The benefits include fewer in-grown hairs, less breakage and therefore longer re-growth periods. The wax also promotes skin hydration and is highly recommended for sensitive areas ie underarms and bikini. Strip wax is recommended for larger areas/less sensitive skin like legs and arms. A thin layer of wax is applied to the skin and is then removed using a paper strip.

How long does waxing last?

Everyone has different rates of hair growth, however it's recommended to wait a minimum of 4 weeks between each treatment on any given area.

Does waxing hurt?

Sorry- yes! Everyone has a different pain threshold, it is similar pain to that of removing a plaster. However, the more waxing sessions you have the more your skin will adapt to tolerate the pain as the hairs become thinner, lighter and more sparse after just a few treatments. It's always best to come regularly and keep up with your aftercare inbetween appointments for a better experience. If your pain threshold is particularly low, a couple of Nurofen tablets half an hour prior to treatment tends to reduce pain.

Are there any common reactions after waxing?

Yes, you might find you get some redness, bumps on the skin, or short term irritation- don’t worry it is common if you are experiencing any of these reactions. You can help prevent these reactions by having a cool shower after (must not be a hot shower after waxing!) and using non- fragranced, gentle moisturiser. Any minor reaction should subside in 24 to 48 hours. If you are unsure or the reaction has lasted longer than 48 hours please contact me at info@harrietcharterbeauty.com for advice as I'm always happy to help.

How long should my hair be for waxing?

It's best to have at least 3 weeks of growth from last shaving, and 4 weeks from last waxing. Body hairs should ideally be at least 1cm. Facial waxing is usually done every 3-4 weeks.

What are the differences between bikini waxes?

Basic bikini – Hair is removed from the top and the sides of the bikini area.
Advanced Bikini – Same as bikini, however just slightly further in.
Brazilian – Removes all of the hair from underneath and leaves only a strip, thumb print or small triangle of hair at the front. Hair is also completely removed from in between the buttocks.
Hollywood – Everything off!

Do I have to remove my underwear?

Although it is a little bit like wearing your hat to the hairdressers, I am happy for you to wear your own 'waxing thong' for your intimate wax AS LONG as it is a couple of sizes bigger so it can be easily moved around. It is entirely up to you as to whether you would like to wear it or not. Waxing without one is a little easier however I want you to feel completely comfortable. I used to supply disposable G-strings however I am trying to be more eco as a business and cut down on my plastic so I decided to stop offering them. Please ensure if you would like to still wear underwear that you also keep it clean if changing into it when here at your appointment, and that you have a clean pair of pants to change into after.

Can I still wax when on my period?

Of course! It will be a little more sensitive when you are on your period, & a few days either side. If bikini waxing, you will need to wear a freshly changed tampon before treatment. I supply these for you in the en suite loo which you are welcome to use to also freshen up should you forget to bring any.

How long will the waxed area be hair free?

You may notice a small amount of growth after a week or so. It can take up to 4-6 treatments to 'train' your hair into a growth cycle that gives best results. I recommend waxing every 4 weeks to maintain your smooth appearance and keeping up with your aftercare which can be found here.

Will my skin be red after?

A common reaction is to experience redness after waxing. This will go down after a couple of hours usually and I use soothing products post all treatments to help speed up the calming process. If you have booked in for facial waxing you shouldn't apply make up for the first 24 hours. If you would like to cover any redness up, a little bit of mineral makeup or tinted moisturiser is best if you really can't wait for it to settle back down.


I've had a tint/eyelash lift before, do I still need a patch test?

Yes, if I have not seen you before for either treatments, or if you haven't had them for over 6 months, or if you've had any significant changes ie. medication, pregnancy etc, then you will need to be retested. A patch test needs to be done at least 48 hours prior to treatment to ensure that there are no adverse reactions to any of the ingredients used. Please note that although we complete a patch test, a reaction can still occur at any time.

Do I need to take my make up off before coming for an eye treatment?

Yes, it would be best for you to take any eye make up off prior to your appointment, however if you are in a rush I can supply remover for you.

Can I wear my contact lenses?

It's best to take these out, as if there were to be any solution that gets into your eye it would be extremley difficult to cleanse and remove this completely. They can be put back in half an hour after your treatment.

What does an eyelash lift entail?

In a nutshell, a shield is glued onto your eyelid and your lashes are then glued back onto that. Perming lotion is the applied for the selected duration, removed, and then setting lotion is applied in the same way for the selected duration and then removed. The shields are then completely removed, if you are having an eyelash tint this will then follow. Your lashes are then brushed and you are handed a mirror to see your beautiful eyelashes! Correct aftercare is then given to you.

What do the different size shields do?

You can get a variety of different size shields and rods in slightly different shapes. They come in XS, S, M, L and XL. The smaller the shield the more dramatic the effect from the lift. You can get completely flat shields that will give more of a lift, or rods that have a slight bump on them which will give more of a curl. We will discuss what you would like to achieve before we begin the treatment.


What treatments can be done with the Plasma pen?

It can treat many things! Treatments I offer include an upper eyelid lift, forehead,crows feet and frown line softening, pigmentation, age spot & skin tag removals. These are just a fraction of the procedures of what it can really do, it really is an amazing instrument!

Can you remove skin tags?

Yes I can! Skin tags can be removed safely with the plasma pen. The pen creates a sterile environment wherever it treats so there is no risk of infection. The treatment itself is relatively quick, it is the numbing that takes up most of the treatment time however we can go through your consultation whilst this is on. The only aftercare they need is for them to be kept dry until the site is completely healed, usually taking 5-10 days. A waterproof plaster can simply be used to protect the site when in the shower. If you will be exposing the new treated site to sunshine, a high spf of at least 50 will be needed.

What's the difference between a skin tag and a mole?

Moles are skin growths made up of cells that produce colour. Skin tags are small, soft pieces of skin that stick out on a thin stem or stalk. A mole can appear anywhere on the skin, alone or in groups. Skin tags can appear anywhere too, but tend to be found in skin creases or folds. The cause of skin tags is not known, but they are completely harmless and therefore easy to remove.

Can you remove moles?

I can, however a signed doctors note must be brought to your consultation with clear writing of where the moles are on the body, which ones it is and how many are to be treated.

Do I need to book any time off work after having a treatment?

It depends what you have done and how concious you are. If you have any big treatments on the face (eyelid lift, forehead lines, large pigmentation spots etc ), then you may want to book at least 5 days off until it settles and the crusts have fallen off - so it's always a good idea to get the treatment done on a Friday so you have the weekend too. The treatment site can be camouflaged with mineral make up however so some people are more than happy to attend work still. If it is an eye treatment, specifically an upper eyelid lift, you will experience some swelling due to our lymph system running down by where our sinuses are. This usually appears on day 2 and can last a few days.

I think I need another treatment, when can I do this?

You may feel this way after a month, however your skin will continue to change for the following 12 weeks post treatment, so only then can we reassess and decide whether or not you need another treatment. Severe cases with deep lines, fold and a lot of excess skin will more than likely need more than one treatment.

It's been a month and I don't see much change in my skin?

You won't see your true results till 3 months post treatment, so if you feel nothing has happened in the first month - don't fret! Your finished result is 12 weeks after the date of your treatment. Once we reach that mark you can come back in for a consultation and we can decide whether or not you need another treatment.


What is SPMU?

SPMU, is semi-permanent make up. It can be used to create brows, eyeliner and lip staining. I however only offer the brow treatment. I use a digital machine to create beautiful, long lasting brows. The area is numbed whilst we conduct a thorough consultation where I ask you many questions to get an idea of what look you would like to achieve. I then do a pre draw and show you so you can see exactly how they will look once done. Once you are completely happy with how they will be I then begin. I make a first pass with the digital needle which deposits ink into the top layer of the skin. Once the first pass is complete I renumb and then continue to add in detail where needed until complete. I allocate 3 hours for the treatment as I like to take my time in giving you the perfect set of brows.

What are the different styles of brows you can do?

They can be done in either hairstroke, powder or a combination of the two. Hairstroke is putting hairstrokes through the brow to keep it natural and make it look fuller. Powder is more of the make up effect, putting colour through the whole brow. Whereas combination is a mix of the two! If you haven't done much to your eyebrows before, you could always start off with HD Brows or Henna tint first so you get used to them looking done, and then you can go onto something more permanent.

What's the difference between powder and ombre brows?

Powder brows is a colour through the whole of the brow, whereas ombre can either be faded at the front, or using two different colours going from light to dark.

What's the healing like for SPMU?

They change so much within the first month! As they will scab over, they will look much darker whilst this heals. This will take between 5-10 days to fall off. Then you may find a lot of the pigment disappears, before it starts to reappear towards the end of the 4 weeks and the brow pigment looks a lot softer. It's important to not pick the scabs off during the healing process as this will also pull out the pigment.

Does it need a top up?

After your first initial treatment you will need a top up 4 weeks later, just to touch up any of the detail. Once this is complete, you should only need to come back every 12-18 months to refresh the pigment. This all depends on lifestyle factors as to how well the pigment holds.

Can it be removed?

Yes, it can be removed with many methods but I find the safest to be salt & saline which I also offer here. If it is freshly done however I recommend waiting at least 5 weeks after your appointment as they change so much in the first month. 5 weeks gives you a chance to live with them for a week once completely healed, so you can make a better decision then.


What's the difference between Henna & HD Brows?

Henna brows is a completely natural tint that gives warm, earthy tones and a powdery finish. As it is all natural it can be quite stimulating so you may experience some regrowth with it!
HD brows is a 7 step process that uses regular tint, which gives more of a blocky, full look. The treatment is finished with a makeup application so it's great for a night out!

Do I need a patch test?

Yes. If I have not seen you before, or if it has been longer than 6 months since your last treatment, or if you have had any major changes ie medication, pregnancy etc then we will need to retest. Treatments you will need a patch test for include henna, HD, eyelash lifts, brow & lash tinting - these need to be peformed at least 48 hours prior to your treatment. No patch test, no treatment.

Is tinting permanent?

No, it lasts up to 2-3 weeks on the skin, and with regular tint up to 4 weeks on the hair, and henna lasts up to 8 weeks on the hair. The darker you go the longer it lasts, however we build up confidence with this - baby steps!

Will my face be red after getting my brows done?

The skin around your brows may be slightly red after waxing for a couple of hours. I use soothing products post wax to help with the skin calm down. It doesn't last long however. It is important to not put any make up over the waxed area for at least 24 hours due to pores being open. If you are desperate though, you can put mineral make up or tinted moisturiser over the area although I do advise waiting.

Will tint make my brows look very dark?

No, I have many different shades that I can also mix and leave on for different durations. However, if you would like them to look dark I can of course do this for you too! But natural looks can also be done.

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