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Parking Permit Meeting

Go easy on me, this is my first ever vlog!

Today was the day of the public parking meeting to discuss the issues we are all now facing since it has been introduced. The scheme has been put in place where between the hours of 5-7pm (some areas 4-6pm), you cannot park within the zone unless you have a parking permit.

Being a business, I am not able to buy visitor permits so this has really affected me as it is now difficult for my clients to find parking within these times, which happen to be my prime appointments!

I have emailed the council on several occasions regarding this issue who were quite rude to me and hugely unhelpful, thus bringing me here today!

Unfortunately I wasn't able to capture on film the meeting itself, but it was brilliant to be a part of. Everyone felt quite strongly about the matter either way, and all gave relevant passionate points for and against.

I was also lucky enough to be able to chat to Stephen Morgan, our local Labour MP (what a great guy!). He agreed with a lot of my points and showed concern about the potential business loss I could face due to this new scheme. Hopefully the suggestions that I made along with the rest of the publics' brilliant ideas will be heard and something will be done to sort this sooner rather than later.

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