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I'm still standing!

We all interpret the guidelines differently and as far as I’m concerned I can remain open. We just need to all be sensible with what we do. If you would like to visit me still, my booking system is live 24/7. If you cannot leave your home and would like me to visit you for a treatment then please contact me. Travel charges will apply. My bed is portable and everything will be kept clean and safe.

This is a scary time for us all with the impact it is going to have on the world. It blows my mind that we’re experiencing such a major part of life that will go down in history to be talked about for many generations to come. We all need to support each other and we’ll all come out on the other side of this stronger. 💗

Please let me know if there’s anything I can do for anyone. If you aren’t local currently and can’t make it to your elderly or high risk loved ones then please send me a message as I am more than happy to deliver them much needed supplies. One positive from this is that it’s also putting a little bit of faith back into humanity as I keep seeing wonderful acts of kindness everywhere. I hope once this crisis is over this kindness continues. Just gotta stick together💗

Harriet xoxo

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