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Have you seen the new look?

My beauty room has had an amaaaaaaazing makeover, have you been in to see?!

It's turned into a proper beauty room now, instead of me working out of my spare room. I love that I've been able to transform and grow my business into something really special, all thanks to the support of you guys. I wouldn't have been able to do any of this without you.

It's so bright and airy now, with gorgeous candles always burning that are brilliant to sit and watch the flames flickering, or staring out of the skylight watching the birds and planes fly over, trying to guess where they're travelling to.

There's a chic little seating area next to my drawers that have these crazily cute bee handles. The toilet is adjoined and always free for you to use, with added toiletries in there should you wish to freshen up at all.

I'm so in love with the room and I hope you are too!

If you haven't seen it already you must visit.

Harriet xo

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