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Brows are essential! But....

I don’t think I will be able to work my way out of that one to Mr Policeman, therefore it is with a heavy heart I am announcing the PAUSING of Harriet Charter Beauty. I know that I should have done a post last night after watching the Priministers speech about the virus, but I found the whole thing too upsetting however I hope you can understand this. Everyone that has an appointment booked in I will be messaging ASAP to reschedule them. Thank you to everyone that has continued to support me through this, your kind messages mean the world. Please please please do not touch your eyebrows, or shave your bikini🤣 this is a perfect time to grow out your hair so that we have more to play with for brows, and to get you back on track with your aftercare for body waxing! I really hope to see you all once I’m back up and running. See you on the other side 😪 Harriet xoxo

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