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Back with a bang! New Consultation forms!

The new year has begun! (Okay, last month it did...) and I have a great feeling about this one!

I've already powered through a great amount of tasks that I'd had on my list for aaaaages, what a feeling!

One thing I ticked off was to bring you guys new Consultation Forms! *I hear you all cry with amazement*.... Ha! Well, I'M super excited about them! And they're already here and in action which I'm so pleased about. These new ones just go into a little more depth and give me a better insight into you, your regimes and what you've experienced beauty wise in the past and so on. Don't worry - there isn't a section asking for your bank card details.

I make them sound super lengthy but really there's only a page and a quarter of filling out to do, and the rest is just reading!

What other changes would you like me to bring into action for you this year? I've got a few other things lined up, but it's always great to hear from you!

Harriet xo

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