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Semi Permanent Make Up

This is a treatment which will enable you to wake up with make up! Whether you'd like a natural hair stroke effect, a full powdery ombre or a combination of the two, this will be the one for you if you'd like it to last. I use a machine (the digital method) to implant pigment into your skin in the desired effect you'd like. This will only need yearly top ups to keep it looking fresh. Just think of all the time you'd save in the mornings, and to have no worries about needing to apply make up on holiday!

The pigments come in a variety of shades so there is one for everyone.

The treatment cost includes a top up at 4 weeks. The initial treatment is essentially creating a base to work upon, at the top up we can reassess and make any changes (if any!) and finalise the brow ready for your yearly top up.

I trained in this August 2019 due to much demand from my existing clients. I traveled up to Bristol for a 3 day course where I worked on 7 ladies! I thoroughly enjoyed it and I couldn't wait to bring it back to my home salon.

To book this it will need to be done through me directly unlike all my other treatments. A patch test is advised, and this can be done up to 2 hours before the treatment. Please contact me for more information or if you have any questions.

Some snaps from my training;

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