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Henna Tint

Henna eyebrows portsmouth

Henna is a completely natural tint that comes in a powder form. It is derived from the plant known as hina, or the henna tree.

I find that it gives a much softer effect than the regular tint, giving a slightly powdery look. It creates lovely warm tones on the dyed hair and it can even penetrate white and grey hairs that wouldn't respond to regular tint.

The natural properties of henna help promote hair growth exponentially. It's incredibly stimulating and so if hairs are laying dormant it can encourage them to grow back through! I myself have seen my brows get fuller from use of henna tint as I overplucked my own when I was a teen.

Henna lasts 1-2 weeks on the skin and up to 8 weeks on the hair. This greatly benefits those with fairer hair.

The henna tint that is used for eyebrows is different to that which is used for body painting, so it does not fade to orange!

Oil based products will strip the henna so check your moisturisers, make up removers, cleansers, shower gels etc. Completely avoid cleansing over the brow after you've had your tint, and use gentle products around them. Pat them dry after bathing instead of rubbing as this will also lift the tint much quicker.

If I have not seen you for a henna tint before, or if it has been longer than 6 months since your last treatment, or if you have had any major changes i.e medication or pregnancy etc, then a patch test is required at least 48 hours prior to your appointment. This can be booked online, it is one of the first options you will see on the booking system. It only takes 5 minutes (if that!) so it's super easy and quick.

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