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My First Blog!

Obviously this won't be a very interesting one. Is anyone's first blog? Don't answer that.

I will eventually be doing vlogs, very exciting! Although, I have in my mind that I will be but whether or not I follow through with it is a different matter. It looks easy enough, however talking to a camera doesn't come naturally to me - but I will give it a go for you guys. It's just a better way of being able to communicate my advice and ideas across to you rather than in writing. Find things here about waxing, eyelash lifts, plasma pen treatments, the beauty industry, products, training courses I attend, my dogs, what I do in my spare time, how much food I eat in a day...

If you have anything you'd like me to talk about then please don't be shy, ask away!

Watch this space...Harriet xo

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Feb 02, 2019

Well done Harriet x

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