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Gel Nails

A gel manicure is longer wearing than regular polish and is applied to your natural nails drying instantly so there's zero chance of smudging. Proper application can last you up to 2 weeks! Gel polish can even help to strengthen and grow your own nails if applied and taken off properly like I can do for you. My manicures and pedicures include filing and shaping of the nails, cuticle work, polish application and then finished off with some cuticle oil. I have over 50 colours for you to choose from, these can even be mixed to create your own unique shade!

Shellac, Geleration, Gellish etc are all brand names of gel polishes and there's plenty out there to choose from. INK London is who I use for all of my gel nails as all their products are of such high quality and last so well on my clients. They are a British Manufacturing Company, so everything they supply is fully compliant with all EU Cosmetics laws, which includes no animal testing! All products are vegan too.

INK London have many different top and base coats to treat different conditions of the nails. Ridges can be filled out, weak nails can be strengthened and chip-prone nails can be secured.

For the first 24 hours post gel manicure you must take care of your nails! Although they are instantly dry, they need to set in a little further and can do so by simply putting your feet up! Unfortunately that isn't an option for many of us, so here's some tips to go by;

  • Treat them like jewels, not tools! Be ever so careful with your hands, be gentle not heavy on them

  • Don't pick up things with your nails, only your fingertips

  • Don't tap on your phone with your nails or type with them on keyboards

  • Careful when cooking, chop gently with a knife and go easy with the grater

  • Don't pick at things, labels, cellotape etc

  • Try not to have a long soak in the bath, and no washing up

  • Don't open any cans with them


DO use a good quality cuticle oil to maintain the health and keep them in optimum condition. I retail one by INK London which is a gorgeous Margarita flavour - not for drinking but for applying around your cuticles! If you'd like to purchase one then either email using the form below to secure one or mention it at your nail appointment.

Toes are much more resilient so you will find that your gel pedicure lasts you for months!

Please feel free to message with any further questions you may have or book online now by clicking the button.

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