A|C|C|O|R® Cosmetic Corrector

The gentle alternative to plastic surgery.

The A|C|C|O|R® Cosmetic Corrector is a unique plasma pen device that is your alternative to skin tightening surgery and botox.

It is a minimally invasive treatment that uses a device that delivers an ionised electric arc to the skin surface to tighten and firm it. This can treat drooping eyelids, crows feet, frown lines, pigmentation, remove skin tags, and more!


 The plasma arc very rapidly vaporises the skin in the desired location and tightens the surrounding area. This makes the results permanent, however genetic ageing will continue. The procedure is almost painless and the results are often immediately visible. A single procedure is enough to make the eyes appear more open, to firm up the eyelids and to smooth the areas of skin around the mouth and nose. There are no injections required nor is the skin cut in any way. Compared to surgery there is a significant cost saving.

A patch test and consultation is required at least 2 weeks prior to the treatment. This can be booked online by clicking the 'Book Now' button and selecting 'Plasma Pen Patch Test & Consultation'. Please allow an hour for this as I like to go over the procedure with you in great detail explaining every last bit to you, and even showing you examples pre, during and post treatment. The cost of the patch test is £25, this can be redeemed against the treatment cost if booked within 3 weeks from your patch test date. Below I have included some information to give you a small idea of what to expect but this is explained further in the consultation.

The results from the treatment should last for as long as a comparable surgical procedure, in some cases a course may be advised.

The treatment itself is relatively uncomfortable, depending on your tolerance to pain. The plasma arc produces a stinging feeling once in contact with the skin. An anesthetic cream is used to numb the area before the treatment starts, to reduce such sensations.

Immediately after the procedure the treated area may feel tender with slight burning and tingling sensations, but this should only last for a few hours. Following on from this expect it to progress into some swelling, redness and mild discomfort in the treated area which would last for a few days to a week. Swelling is most likely and most common in the surrounding eye area. A lot of people plan this for when they have time off work as you aren't looking your best self! The formation of brown or black crusts/scabs on the skin surface will occur. Do not pick them, it is important they are left to heal without any interference – these crusts will fall off in a few days.

There are certain things that you can do to help speed the healing process and recovery but we can go through this in your consult.

Feel free to email me with any questions you may have regarding treatment using the form below, or, book your patch test in now by clicking the button.

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